Awesome ink finishes on this gripping saga provided by Jeff Austin.Then, the surprise hit of FF #181, the classic action heroine from yesteryear, NYOKA The JUNGLE GIRL is back in a previously-unpublished cliffhanger (guest-starring onetime FF member The BLOND BOMBER )originally written and drawn years ago, “Sting Of The Hooded Serpent”; script by Bill Black, pencils by Larry Nadolsky, and inks by Jeff Austin. 21 superb 1950’s comic book horror stories highlighting the “Unheralded Artists” of the Pre-Code era, including Bill Draut, Manny Stallman, Art Gates, Bob Mc Carty, Tony Di Preta, Dick Briefer, Richard Case, Bill Benulis, Jon Blummer, Edvard Moritz, John Giunta, Mac Pakula and Al Luster.

So, we’re back with another one; all Quality Comics vintage classics from cover to cover. Carol Heisler’s Garganta Formula, what can possibly keep him from taking over the world using an army of giants? See it all unfold in an offbeat sort of a FEMFORCE team lead story in FF #182, “The Taming Of The Shrew”, Part One; written by Eric( Rowena The Gentle Giantess) Lindberg, with art by Javier Lugo and Chris Dreier.

We start with a prime example of the Quality work of Lou Fine in a breathtaking adventure of The RAY from Smash #19, followed by equally awesome art by Reed Crandall on a great DOLLMAN story originally seen in Feature Comics’ #59. Then NIGHTVEIL must venture into an eerie nether realm to stalemate an old enemy emboldended by her long absence from Earth in “Knightveil”, written by Mark Holmes, with art by Dave Matsuoka.

Standard comic book size and saddle-stitched for $9.95 from AC Comics. Start with an early (third appearance, actually) adventure of Standard/Nedor’s BLACK TERROR; originally published in Exciting Comics #11, with art by Elmer Wexler.

This is the first BT story to feature his assistant, Tim in costume. There has been speculation for years over the identity of the artist on this run of Shock stories; we believe the penciler is Mort Leav, with an unidentified inker- but probably the SAME inker who finished Mort’s pencils on the first two stories of The WEB in MLJ’s Zip Comics.

Special Notes: None If you were looking for a company out of comic books’ Golden Age that regularly used the very BEST artists in the industry, it would’ve been the very aptly name Quality Comics, helmed by legendary publisher Everett “Bust” Arnold.

With this fact in evidence, it’s no wonder that the Quality Comics-themed issues we do of MOM invariably get the best response.

This issue highlights EVERYBODY, from the heavy hitters like Dick Ayers on “No Time Like The Future”, Bill Everett on “Vampire Beware” and Ogden Whitney on “The Unexpected” to genre favorites like Matt Fox on “Beelzebub”, Paul Reinman on “The Man Who Didn’t Belong”, the the suprising like Fred Kida on “The Fingerprint”, Maurice Whitman on “Trumpet Of The Valkyries” and Pete Riss on “Deathless Mortal” , to the obscure; including Al Wenzel on “The Flaming Phantom”; Paul Cooper on “Spectres of the Dam” and Bob Mc Carty on “When Sorcerers Meet”.

Plus, artwork by Charles Nicholas, King Ward, Joe Sinnott, Bill Molno, Sal Trapani, Vincent Alascia, Bill Montes and others- 28 full stories in all.

Standard comic book size, saddle-stitched, for .95, from AC Comics. VICTORY solo stories by three creative teams; The BLACK PHANTOM rides in “Hang ‘Em High”; plus individual adventures starring NIGHTVEIL, TARA and SHE-CAT!! V.) dispenses with the offbeat miniature menace in “The Taming Of The Shrew” Part II (concluding the story that started last issue), AC’s star-spangled star takes the spotlight in THREE separate solo stories that span the length and breadth of her crimefighting career: “The Fiendish Plot Of Dr.