Undoubtedly, she has been the best actress for many people around the globe for many years now, but it’s not only her acting that attracts people.

Despite being one of the most celebrated people in the country, she always appears as a normal human being in her public appearance – accurately, as the person who can accept her both dark and bright sides. Plus, she is a loving foster parent and kind humanitarian, whom UNICEF has chosen as it’s Goodwill Ambassador whose major responsibility is to help the world fight against HIV/AIDS.

They fell in love while Jessica was just 18 and Paco was 24 – (1967).

Now fast forwarding to 1981, a mother and aspiring actress Jessica pays a huge amount of money to Paco as divorce alimony.

Although she was unhappy by the way things ended with her first love, she was happy at the same time with her Russian dancer boyfriend Mikhail Baryshnikov, whom she had met around 1976-1977 after her big debut movie King Kong release.

And, she has publicly disclosed that she is a victim of depression.

Her depression may be the driving factor of her usual shyness, and this may be the reason why she is so shy when it comes to her personal life.

And it turns out, the day he died, his former partner, Jessica Lange, reflected on his personality in a magazine interview. The couple had two children, Hannah and Walker, before splitting up in 2009, though they didn't announce their separation until 2011. "In that same interview, though, he gushed about Lange.

And though they were extremely private with their relationship, Shepard later said their relationship had some dramatic ups and downs. But, you know, not without fireworks," he told , "although at this point, you know, she's the only woman I could live with. "I've never known her, ever, to lie about anything," he said. I think it's a direct quality of the Midwest, of that background that she's from." He also said he wrote "Fool for Love," a story about a man and a woman who "both attract and repulse each other" –and who turn out to be half-siblings –about his relationship with Lange.Oscar nominee Jessica (Frances) and Sam first met in the set of Frances in the year 1982.In the same year, Jessica wins Oscar for Tootsie and even falls in love with Sam.But, at this point of time, her marriage with husband Paco attracts conflict, and the fire starting factors were their respective busy life and the long gap of living separately.Unfortunately, they part ways in months of getting back together and Jessica takes a job as a waitress and model to live in the busy city.At the age of 19, she gets her first tattoo “a crescent moon” on her hip.