Growing up I was very life of the party, I was that silly goofy kid. ’ It reminded me who I was as a person when I was making You Tube videos and seeing myself in the camera.: You found something that made you happy again. Some people are great at writing, some people are great at singing. They were just doing things because they wanted to do it. Compared to when I first started to now, I have way thicker skin.

And then I went through this rough time and kind of lost myself.: And then things spiraled? Growing up I’ve always been that super annoyingly ambitious child, like I wanted to the president of clubs at school! Discovering You Tube was actually the best thing that ever happened to me.: There's a dark side to the internet, which must be extra difficult having dealt with depression. It takes a really intense hate comment to get to me, but once in awhile it does.

I’m always jotting something down.: Do friends or boyfriends ever say, ' Please do not put this on You Tube'? ' Everyone so far has been a pretty good sport about it and I have a pretty good judgement of what not to put and what to put.

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Halfway through, I’m like, ' Do not eff with my vision! If what you’re saying is going to ruin my show, it is my duty to tell you that.. LS: I'm always observing what happens around me. I won’t put them on the spot, I’ll change names and do whatever but I’m always paying attention to what’s going on around me.

' I really learned the lesson that protecting your vision does not make you a bad person. I constantly have my phone for video ideas and I’m constantly writing down things I see, whether it's two friends fighting or a boyfriend doing something annoying. Sometimes I’ll make references to my ex and be like, ' Oh, he might feel some type of way.' Sometimes my mom is like, ' Are you making fun of me?

"And sometimes people message me like, ‘Your face is on a billboard. You made it.' I just want people to know it goes both ways. I have to keep reminding myself, ‘Don’t compare yourself.’"Ahead, she opens up about overcoming depression, internet trolls, and world tour-related exhaustion.

Sometimes I’ll be sitting on Facebook at home and see all these people getting married, having kids, having that life that I was told I should have. But first, watch an inspiring (and characteristically hilarious) video.: Something new fans may not know is that you started this channel to self-medicate.

And now she's going beyond the videos that made her famous — all of which are subtly humorous, sharply smart, and viewed an astounding number of times — to do a full-length film.

a documentary produced by the equally whimsically named digital studio Astronauts Wanted, follows the 27-year-old's first world tour.

Having said that, there’s always 10,000 positive comments for every negative.: You spent years talking to millions of people behind the camera, but on tour, you talk to enormous crowds IRL. LS: You know, for me, I’m gonna say it in the most humble way: No.

Before I was making videos, I was still a performer. If anything, I’d say I like being on stage more than being on camera.: Did you feel like a rockstar when you were on a world tour? I learned so much, and my movie that’s coming out covers the tour and the whole journey.

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